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Specialize in dog Beensun thrives on manufacturing superior quality pet products and customized solutions for brand owners, wholesalers and project contractors to ignite a retractable dog leash business. Rapid A Quote
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Fully Customized We can easily translate your Retractable Dog Leash needs and provide customized solutions. Our experts can provide you full products design support and create it that are just the enclosure, size, buckle and leash. Get started now

Beesun - Retractable Dog Leash Manufacturer Since 2007

Over 14 years working in pet product developing  and retractable dog leash for clients all over the world.

Beesun manufactures and wholesale high-quality retractable dog leash. We strive to create pet products that meet your requirements and high standards. We do this by understanding your unique needs and providing customized solutions.Our wide range of retractable dog leash are manufactured in-house, so we control all aspects of quality and functionality. We can tailor-make retractable dog leash to suit your pet products projects helping you realize your creative ideas.Our team of retractable dog leash manufacturing experts is adept at understanding your pet products needs and translating them into retractable dog leash that will fit right in and last for ages. We use only high-quality material to ensure our retractable dog leash are the best in the market.

Easily Load 55 KG




Automatically Retractable

Automatically stretch when walking the dog without jamming, increase the range, so that the dog is not restrained


New Braking System

The operation is simple, suitable for all ages. Stretch to run freely, shrink to ensure safety


High Density Braid

The recycling slot design does not jam the rope, 5M length allows you to walk the dog freely.Make dog keeping fun


High Level Design

ABS Environmental Protection Material;Chrome-plated One-button braking, ergonomic Rubber Grip;

Our Products

What your dog needs, when they need it.

Our products are proudly handcrafted in China by skilled craftspeople who are paid fair wages. Thank you for shopping local!

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